Our tax service is genuinely different

As tax professional,  we are different.  Genuinely  different.

No matter what your situation is-unpaid taxes, unfiled

returns, tax audit….



Our Tax Services are proven, and put your trust in Matsunaga Tax Office.

We will find the solution that causes the least amount of stress and financial

hardship. Our caring professionals will use their extensive experience to

resolve your tax problems as quickly as possible.


Mr. Matsunaga, the executive partner, had experienced as tax auditors in

Tokyo Tax Bureau for ten years. Therefore, he can think in the shoes of tax

auditor. And he provided tax advices in E&Y, White & Case, and

USB Warburg Trust.  Therefore   he knows wants and needs of various kinds

of clients.


We focus on innovative strategic advice, coupled with strong client relationship

and a friendly, down to earth approach to business.


We will quote our fee to you after discussing the specifics of your case during

our initial free consultation. Each case varies significantly in the amount of

work required to bring a final resolution to the specific problem. We bill for

the amount of time needed to prepare and present each case to the tax office.

Based on our experience we can easily assess how much time it will take for

your specific case and then quickly quote you a fee. You owe us nothing

should you decide not to use our services.


We hope you find this message useful, if you would like any more information,

please contact us at hm.taxoffice@gmail.com (046)240-1212. or